Finally after weeks of busyness I've been able to get back to this project. I've been exploring WCSF as well as getting pretty involved with WCF and WF at my day job. I wanted to bring some of that here. a couple things while exploring the layout of the modules. I have a UI Module that is a Business Module Type from WCSF and contains UI Business Logic. The foundational modules perform the more increased validation against data. Where the first layer checks for top level validation.

!!Major Modules:

YakShaver UCM Windows Client

YakShaver UCM VS2005/2008 Integrated Client

YakShaver UCM Console Client

YakShaver UCM Web UI
- Type: Business (UI + UI Business)

YakShaver UCM
- Type: Foundation (Business DAL WCF Services)
- Short Description: Primary module - WCF Services are to be used as communication to all the clients. A Facade client could be placed between this service and anything else. I figure this makes it enterprisey, plus I want to play with WCF

Sandbox Manager UI
- Type: Business (UI + Business)

Sandbox Manager
- Type: Foundation
- Depends On: YakShaver UCM

Release Manager UI
- Type: Business (UI + Business)

Release Manager
- Type: Foundation (Business + DAL)

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