Create service for Work Item Entry Tool


The intent of the service is to receive a submission and then analyze the page information for the following:
  • Page URL / Name - Get Release and Component - Area / Iteration (will require admin interface and some sort of mapping system and data persistence)
  • Text - Work Item Description
  • Issue Type - self explanatory - need to create mapping between type submitted and whatever is stored in TFS/CodePlex. Eventually sync this in a better manner
    If a predefined set of rules/criteria have been met (we have mapped a component, issue type, possibly release) then go ahead and publish to the tracker. Otherwise wait for something to happen, that being a timer to expire or for a coordinator / project administrator to finish mapping the information (or validating that it should even be a work item) and then let the workflow take over.
    This may be better done by creating the work item instantly, tracking it in a workflow, and then closing it with a closed reason. This may provide better reporting from TFS, showing what people (inculding support staff) are working on. Combining this with the time tracker extensions may prove useful.
    The service will then talk to an interface (because we want to be able to talk to multiple platforms) which will have some sort of provider implemented for a work item tool, whether this is TFS/CodePlex, Gemini, etc.